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Look for a news article about LABOR, and INFLATION, and paste on a used short bond paper. Give a brief reaction by applying concepts we discussed (in class.)

HW -- Handout. [size 2]. If you lost the handout, you can check it out here. (THANKS GUBAT XD).

Take Home Quiz
  1. Illustrate the 4 characteristics of the Early Christian Church [recycled short bond paper]
  2. Provide a slogan
  3. Option: Poster, Collage, Use of symbols, or any creative presentation

Journal [size 2]
Answer page 26, Bo's Action Steps

***UPDATE: Because sometimes, I am a fail academic chairman, I forgot to give you this issue D: Not to worry, I scanned it and you can find it right here.


Macbeth is so weird. AYLABEET.

Macbeth to Macduff:
You're wasting your time trying to wound me....I lead a charmed life, which can't be ended by anyone born from a woman.

Macduff to Macbeth:
Forget about your charm-- They cut me out of my mother's womb before she could bear me naturally.

Curse you for telling me this. You've frightened away my courage.


....pwnage. XD